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Vibe-ology: Do You Know Your Own Vibe?

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The word vibe means the mood or energy in a room, from a person or situation. While we are quick to pinpoint the vibe of a place or person, do we know our own vibes? Also, are we aware of how to shift it when needed?

No one wants to change their vibe from good to worse. Would you agree? Together let us explore our unique vibes and what to do when our vibe is off. Most of these changes to adjust your vibe can be done anywhere and at any time. Some require another person and maybe some privacy but overall you should become more conscious of your vibe by the end of this read.

1. Turn the lights down low or up

Alrighty, first up about your vibe-ology is lighting. What kind of light makes your mood shift from bad to better? For me, it’s getting directly in the sun or if I need to calm myself low lighting will do the trick. Nothing too dark or it will most likely make things worse. Keep in mind LED lights are also a great choice for mood switching. You can use the yellow setting to invoke a bit more cheer or green to work on the heart chakra. Adjusting the light around you is a vibe shifter for sure!

2. Two-step

Next, let’s get a few songs or better yet a whole playlist together just for your vibe needs. Some songs can make you think through a situation. It might be a good idea to find a song that speaks to the issue you are facing. I can recall when my Uncle was very sick the Tim McGraw song Live like You Were Dying began to play. I sat back in the chair when I got home and played it repeatedly. I thought about all the life my Uncle had lived and the moments we had together. I found peace in the last days of his life and even today when I hear that song my Uncle’s smile still flashes in my mind.

Do you have any tunes you can turn on when you just need to have a good body cleanse aka cry? What about the song to motivate you the clean your closet out? You don’t have one of those? Well, me neither! What about a spiritual song to meditate on or affirmations? And most importantly that song to just do a few shimmy and shakes! Have a few of these melodic masterpieces ready to go when you need a vibe shifter!

3. Lights + Camera= Action

Ok, now this is what I refer to as mental oblivion vibe-shifting. A good movie! So, I have a few movies I can put on right now and forget I am even on this keyboard typing! Have movies in mind that remind you or a happy time and shift your mood to different things. One goal here is stress relief. Watch the movie with the intention to not think for the duration of it. The classic movie The Devil Wears Prada is my go-to when I want to be reminded that there are mean people in the world just for the fun of it. And that I may not wear Prada every day but I am happier than Miranda. Fools Rush In, oddly enough reminds me of home. When I was about… I don’t know 10 years old I use to watch that movie. Yes, it is inappropriate for children a bit but I was never really a child! Now, you know something personal about me! Can you think of at least two movies you can just put on to quiet your mind for a moment if needed? If not, you have some homework to do!

4. Favorites in your Phone

Now, of all of these amazing tips for studying your vibe, this one is my fav! Who is that person that can assist you in changing your vibe? We all need peeps around us who can make us laugh, listen to us mindlessly vent, hold us if we cry, and dare us to act like the amazing human beings we are inside. And we all need that one friend who resorts to violence when they see our pain and frustration and we spend thirty minutes explaining to them that violence isn’t the answer for the one-millionth time. Who is your person? Romantic or platonic? Now, if you really and truly can’t think of who that is in your life right now get pen, paper, and write it out. In the meantime, use your vibe and energy to manifest someone you can depend on into your life.

Do you know your vibe-ology a bit more now?

Do you have an idea of what to do when you need to shift your vibe? Please, don’t limit yourself to just the things listed herein. There are so many other vibe shifters out there like aromatherapy, clothing, perfumes, journals, books, etc. Go, make your own vibe-ology notes and be confident that you now know your own vibe.

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Katrina Tucker
Katrina Tucker
19 Νοε 2021

Love this! So very insightful and will utilize this strategies to check my vibe❤

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