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The Immortal Woman

Photo by Bryan Goff on Unsplash

The Immortal Woman

Her delicate strength is found between the ocean’s floor and the tail of a comet

Her temperament is somewhere between June and November

Remember her immortal qualities are human too

Her depth is just between the shade of red on her lips and their bareness

She lingers between the sun and the moon

She’s July with the fireworks always within

She’s lava and she’s snow

She’s a forehead kiss

She’s the one you will always miss

As seasons cycle she will remain in her delicate strength through pain and glory

Always reemerging a bit stronger than the time before

The most human immortal is a woman

No filter can capture her unfiltered soul

She’s bold, cold, fiery, earthy, sweet, unique, petite, tall, wise, secure, unsure, fluid, sovereign, hesitant, constant, timid, timeless, classical,

modern, innovative and dripping in blackness-yin

The most immortal human is a woman

Can’t you feel her coming

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