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Soul Water

Soul Water

I am a part of this amazing tribe of sisters. Every month we have something going on. Recently I decided to join in on Sacred Sanctuary New Moon calls. In these gatherings, we discuss how we can explore spirituality more to better our journeys and Goddess Archetypes. In our last call, our group creator Goddess Annika of Goddess Evolution LLC asked us to look into our intentions a bit more. Which she does often but this time I felt it deeper. While preparing for a bath, which I do often to cleanse my energy space and emotions. I came to a complete stop. I stood in my bathroom watching the tub fill up in a trance like state. In that state, this is what became of that moment. Here are some questions that rose from within me and how I developed a new bath ritual that has deepened my state of intentionality.

So, what is the point of this bath for you? What is your intention? I normally jump in the bath to cleanse my body and my emotions. I use essential oils, bath bombs, and Epsom salt mixtures whatever I feel I need at that moment. However, I realized I could go even deeper than that if I wanted to. It is all about intention. I let the water run as hot as I wanted mixed in my essential oils and Epsom mix. I walked into the bath fully conscious and completely naked ready to cleanse more than just my skin and emotions. This bath ritual was about depth and ancestral healing. Even though in that moment I did not know it yet. I felt each section of my body slowly submerge and become one with the water in the tub. I felt as the water gathered around me like a mother holding her child swaddled against her bosom and beating heart. I cleansed my face of all the tears never cried or heard. My ears for the sounds that were deafening and yet ignored. I cleansed my neck for the literacy never expressed or told. My heart for the excruciating truths and unsung triumphs. My womb space for the children lost and families that never had a chance to be. My thighs washed for all the secrets they held and futures they created. My knees for all the prayers and moments when life bought us to them. My shins for the strength to hold many generations up and my feet and toes for walking, running and capturing what freedoms I hold today.

My back felt the cleansing waters for the lashes that so inhumanely lived upon their Melanated skin. Again I washed, for how much those backs carried. These shoulders were lathered and washed to release weight that did not belong there in the first place and straighten up with a bit more pride. There is no need to slouch now. My fingers were dripping in creativity and transparent callouses so unkind. I washed them twice and thanked them for moving so fast so that today I could choose a life of slowness- a life of rest. I get to dream of chasing dreams because of the nightmare of the life they lived. All of these actions freed me mentally to just be in the moment. I lay in this water now filthy with emotions. I said Ase` I don’t know how many times. As I unplugged the drain I stepped out the tub and stood consciously watching, the water go down the drain. 500 years of DNA coding with it. My robe is on and I make my way into my bedroom where I light two white candles to close this much needed and long overdue ritual of ancestral healing. I say thank you to all those before me.

Iyanla Vanzant has a saying about knowing what you marinated in…she is referring to things that take place within the womb space as a person is developing. Those feelings can build in that child causing trauma even before birth. Scientist explore cognitive development and epigenetics now note cellular trauma can exist in a human for up to four or five generations. What that means is that you could be dealing with stuff in your life today from 5 generations ago because it is in your molecular make up. It may not be “your” stuff but it is your job to clean it up because now you know. You are reading this.

I do not know how many of these baths I will feel lead to do and I do not even fully understand the depth of what I did. Nevertheless, I did it because I was lead and it felt right. Afterwards I felt loosed somehow. I felt inspired enough to write about it. I just could not contain this experience. I wanted to share it with all of you. It was much too profound not to share. I am in the driver seat of this Galactic Maserati we call life. God is my GPS and I do not always take the right exits. I cannot see too well at night and I make way to many stops sometimes. However, I am here. I show up. I give my best even when I do not fully understand. I try these “unusual” ancestral leadings aka hunches aka ole folk stuff. You never know where it might lead you. Maybe you too will draw a bath that heals 500 years of hurting and cellular trauma in a single moment of obedience and open up the next generation to inherit a completely new DNA pattern unlike anything in your ancestral line before! I did and all I did was take a bath.

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