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I am a Creatress

What does it mean to be a Creatress ? Simply put it is a female who creates. Are you a Creatress? I know I am. I have created homes from houses, beautiful children, home cooked meals, books, meaningful memories and celebrations and the list goes on and on right? When I saw the word Creatress and began to embrace it more it became more powerful. The word Creatress made me feel strong and more certain of myself. I am a woman who creates...continuously. Not only do I create for my family, the world but also for myself. Creating legacy for myself is the most important of all the things I put together.

As a Creatress it is my soul assignment to create a life that mirrors my heart. A world where my steps are welcomed, protected and guided by God. As a Creatress the more I admire my own desires and hopes the more inspired I am to give. I have more energy to give after I create and cultivate on a soul level. Being a Creatress is not about spiritual height being higher than or more inclined to flow than the next person. A Creatress is about depth. How deep can you go within yourself to be as you were truly designed to be? If you feel you are a Creatress like I am...I invite you to create even more.

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